Doc 442; Tsarnaev Clarification of Defense Pretrial Penalty Phase Expert Discovery Obligations 072514

Doc 440; Tsarnaev Motion to Compel the Govt to Comply w Its Expert Disclosure Obligations, And to Suspend Defendant's Expert Disclosure Deadline 072514

"ELECTRONIC NOTICE OF RESCHEDULING as to Dias Kadyrbayev: The Pretrial Conference of 8/28/14 is canceled and Rescheduled/Advanced for 8/20/2014 02:00 PM in Courtroom 1 before Judge Douglas P. Woodlock, coupled with final arguments re Motion to Suppress."

Doc 49; Matanov Defendant's Motion to Revoke Detention Order 072814



Doc. 438 here

Anonymous asked:
Hi I know you are quite involved with supporter communities. Just curious if you know whether people are writing to Matanov or even whether you yourself are? I feel bad for him esp because he is not doing so well in solitary apparently

Hi! Yes, a few people are writing Matanov. I’ve corresponded with him  a few times already. He’s a very intelligent kind person but he is having a hard time in solitary especially since his family is so far away and he helped to provide for them. He really appreciates the support and it keeps him going.

Doc 427; Tsarnaev Motion for Setting of Firewall Procedures

Anonymous asked:
Hello. Are the motions etc that are filed available to the public for free? Where do u source them from? is there a website? i don't live in the states but am interested in law. Also, is this available for every federal case?

They should be free on my scribd. I get them from PACER and sometimes Baby Blake posts them on the site

The exhibits are a bit trickier to get bc all the people that I’ve emailed or called say that you need a media pass.

You can search any federal case on PACER, yes!

Anonymous asked:
Oh hey, there you are!! I thought you ditched us lol

Lol no! I’m just more on twitter and FB groups :)

Doc 418; Tsarnaev Opposition to Defendant’s Motion to File Reply to Change of Venue 071514

Doc 417; Tsarnaev Motion for Leave to File a Reply to Government Opposition to Defendant's Motion for Change of Venue 071514

Doc 28; Matanov Joint Initial Status Report 071014